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21st January 2015.
That annual period of feasting is about to come again and for this Chinese New Year, Plaza Brasserie at Parkroyal on Beach Road has something special for the Year of the Sheep.

On top of their signature international buffet which includes generous and really fresh cuts of salmon and tuna sashimi or a taste of local flavours like the laksa and roti prata, Chef Jackson is bringing in a Prosperity Feast to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The chef has added a fruity twist to the ubiquitous CNY dish, Yusheng by adding a green mango, rock melon, peach, tangerine, dried persimmon and pineapples into the mix. The result is a colourful toss of fruity elements topped with thick slices of Norwegian Salmon. I liked that the sweetness comes from a variety of fruits rather than the sweet plum sauce alone. It is hence lighter and there is a myriad of textures and flavours in the mix such as the springy, citrusy tangerine, the dried, sharp sweet and sour persimmon and the refreshing julienned pineapples. For those who find the classic yusheng too heavy, this is would be a welcomed twist. The yusheng will be prepared at a live station or to order.

After the many well wishes for a better year, Chef Jackson serves up the star of the feast, with inspiration from his own dialect roots, a traditional Hainanese Lamb Stew that is an essential for any Hainanese celebration of the Chinese New Year. The soup itself took at least 2-3 hours to brew and one seldom find this dish around in Singapore today due to the amount of effort required to prepare this dish. The soup itself was very flavourful and full of depth, a testimony to the hours of preparation and the mutton was very tender while still moist in the inside.

 There are more dishes in the Propserity Buffet:  The Lamb Siew Mai which has a mix of minced pork and lamb seasoned with a hint of cumin to play down the flavours of the lamb. However, I personally thought that while the siew mai is quite good, it the lamb flavour was kind of lost in the combination.

Mini Brown Rice Balls with Minced Pork Filling topped with alfafa have at least 5 different grains including brown rice, millet and barley.

Braised Cabbage with Dried Scallop and Black Moss was pretty good.

Eight Treasures Duck which is a marinated duck stuffed with eight different kinds of ingredients such as gingko nuts and chestnuts, it reminded me of the stuffed duck I had in Seoul. However, I find the meat to be on the dry side.

 Last but not least there is the Sticky Rice with Preserved Meat, Dried Shrimps, Chestnuts and Mushrooms.

 For a sweet ending, the Prosperity Feast Buffet includes Opera Cake, Pecan Pie or something more local like pineapple tartlets, egg rolls, traditional egg tarts and lotus root candies which went well with a cup of tea.

If you are having the buffet on the 19th or 20th February, each person would get a serving of Boston Lobster (Half Shell) in White Pepper Sauce as well.

The Prosperity Feast Buffet (for more details)
6th February to 5th March except for 18th – 20th February:
Lunch Buffet (12:00 pm to 2:30 pm) | $48 (adult) $29 (child)
Dinner Buffet (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm) | $68 (adult) $41 (child)

18th February (Chinese New Year Eve):
Lunch Buffet (12:00 pm to 2:30 pm) | $58 (adult) $35 (child)
Dinner Buffet (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm) | $98 (adult) $59 (child)

19th February to 20th February (Lunar New Year):
Lunch Buffet (12:00 pm to 2:30 pm) | $68 (adult) $41 (child)

Dinner Buffet (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm) | $68 (adult) $41 (child)

Plaza Brasserie
7500 Beach Road
Singapore 199591 


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