Basel : Zum Kuss Caffe Kultur Bar

7th May 2014.
Basel, Switzerland.
Literally translated as “to kiss”, the Zum Kuss Basel has a perhaps morbid past as a former mortuary and chapel up till the turn of the century when it was transformed into a hip bar/café in 2001 by Basler architecture firm, Christ & Gantenbein.

Despite its past, the inspiration for this café bar is the social interaction and non-verbal communication that could meant so much in the act of kissing, which is a form of greeting in the western society, apparently in Corsica, it could take at most five kisses for a greeting.)

This small little structure with its iconic circular glass window has a beautiful interior. Its centrepiece is a communal round table with a still-art like décor where strangers and friends sat together for coffee, a light meal or reading the newspapers.

Markuss Engeler
Elisabethenstrasse 59
4051 Basel


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