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21st August 2014.
After a brief delay, Kki, formerly at Ann Siang Hill has reopened at the WOHA designed School of the Arts, (SOTA). It is now much bigger. At least twice the size of its former venue and the interiors was done by Produce, a local design studio. Characteristic of Produce’s portfolio of works is its use of wooden lattices and yellow painted frames seen at the Little Drom Store. While the space is quite pleasant, I thought the acoustics can be quite bad with multiple reverberations and I miss the natural light of the former venue.

Available at Kki is their first ever series of ceramic ware under Kki Home entitled "Tomo" made by none other than the famed Japanese porcelain maker, Kihara which also did the Plate Tectonics with Supermama.

How did the cakes fared then? I went for the classics such as the Kinabaru. The name is a Japanese twist to the name of the Mount Kinabalu in Sabah (like the Europe got the Mont Blanc) or as Kenneth explained in the past, “baru” meant for “new” in Malay. This refreshing element refers to the passionfruit crème that balances the richness of the coconut mousse and chocolate daquoise layer. Perhaps it was age for me, that I find myself enjoying the Kinabaru more than before. Excellent, subtle flavours and textures works very well for this light slice of cake.

Another classic that won me over in my first encounter with Kki long time ago is the Antoinette which is significantly sweeter than the Kinabaru and softer than I remembered it to be. The white chocolate mousse cakes hides a sweet and tangy mango puree in its heart like a kind of surprise. I love the inclusion of the mango puree which is like a climax chapter in an intriguing novel. In fact, I shouldn’t have given a spoiler alert warning for this cake.

Another classic that I had is the Café Dumo which is less memorable. Compared to the Kinabaru and Antoinette, I thought the coffee and chocolate flavoured Café Domo lacks the complexity in flavours but it does makes up for its contrasting textures. On the other hand, it demonstrates the diverse character I observed in Kki’s range of cakes which is a good thing. I also met Daniel from DanielFoodDiary there and he recommended the pink coloured "Nao" Cake. Next visit I guess!

I also had a cup of Cappuccino which is on the milky and milder side compared to the coffee I had elsewhere. Another interesting note is that Kki has replaced their Gryphon Teas with the Japanese equivalent of TWG or Clipper Tea, Lupicia. The Japanese tea vendor was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1994. Special teas available at Kki include the limited edition Jack and the Beanstalk Tea otherwise known as the Tokyo Skytree Green Tea.

The drinks range around 5-6 SGD and the cakes goes for about 9-10 SGD. We spent about 39-40 SGD for two cups of cappuccino and three cakes.

*The cakes runs out shortly after our visits, do visit early to avoid disappointment. Liang Wei tried to do takeaway after our visit around 5-6 pm only find out that the cakes have been sold out!

1 Zubir Said Drive #02-01
School of the Arts
Singapore 227968


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