Madrinaa Pizza and Pasta

28th April 2014.
One of the meals I had before my long trip was at Farrer Road, a place I fondly remember for the dinners at West Lake during special occasions. It is a quiet and quaint HDB complex with car park at ground level with restaurants and shops occupying the second storey, a feature shared by earlier housing complexes like that of People’s Park and Tanjong Pagar.

The restaurant is an Italian restaurant run by Chef Sunda since 2007. Madrinaa Pizza and Pasta is not the kind of Italian restaurant where your pastas would get served immediately after orders. It is a restaurant that rewards patience. The chef himself is a traditional man who does not believe in taking short cuts in cooking and would even re-do a whole lasagne if it doesn’t come out right for him.

To enjoy Madrinaa Pizza and Pasta, it is best to bring along a few friends and have a chat and enjoy a drink from the restaurant’s huge collection of beers and wines while waiting for the food.

First up was a Grosetto thin crusted pizza topped with bacon, mushrooms and egg. The pizza crust was crisp and mix of bacon, mushrooms, runny egg as well as a tangy tomato sauce works very well.

The most memorable pizza at Madrinaa was the Tuscany Calzone. I had a calzone long time ago at the now defunct Jolly Frog and I didn’t enjoy it then. Madrinaa’s Tuscany Calzone however, makes a presence even before arriving on our table by filling the room with the aroma of truffles. The tomato sauce that came with it was very well-balanced and the crust was just right for the calzone. Topped with generous amounts of truffle paste, this was one luxurious treat.

The Lasagna, which takes a long time to prepare, was supposedly made with more than five kinds of cheeses and it was easily one of the better lasagne I had thus far. The combination of the pasta, sauce, minced meat and the subtle variation of the cheeses come together just so perfectly.

Our Italian meal rounded up with a delicious Tiramisu.

Madrinaa’s Italian cuisine has hit the right spots for me. The pastas, pizzas and the tiramisu were very well balanced in terms of flavours and textures. Be warned though that it takes quite a while for the food to come and certain items like the lasagna and desserts might even need advance orders.

Blk 3 #02-141, Queen’s Road, (Farrer Road), Singapore 260003


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