Kopi Cap Televisyen | A Cup of Coffee in Kluang

23rd November 2013.
Kluang, Malaysia
Kenji and I loved coffee, and when the tour to Kluang included stops at Kluang Rail Coffee and Television Coffee Factory, we were thrilled (despite the concerns that it might turned out “touristy”)

When we asked about the origins of the name for Kopi Cap Televisyen or Television Coffee, we were told that television is a big thing when it started out and it is considered a luxury compared to today that’s why “coffee” as a word shared the same status as “platinum” or “gold” which is probably too mainstream then and picked “television” instead. True or not, I would leave it to you.


There is so much work and behind a simple cup of coffee that one might just take for granted.

Kopi Cap Televisyen
No.76, Jalan Besar, 86000 Kluang, Malaysia

Many thanks to Tourism Malaysia for inviting us and organizing the tour to Kluang


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