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18th January 2014.
If there is one dish I am eager to try again, it will be the Dipping-style La Mien with Laksa Cream (22 SGD) by Rakusaba presented by Preparazzi (helmed by Chef Jeremy Nguee). Opened only for weekends and sometimes it even runs out early like what happened to Liang Wei.

The Japanese-inspired dish with local flavour is something you should try if you visit the UFactory this weekend. (Take note of their operating hours before heading down)

It is basically a tsukemen style ramen. You have egg noodles and a creamy laksa gravy as your dipping sauce. The laksa itself is just nice, not too strong on the coconut side and mildly sweet with a spicy kick. Noodles were done right too.

Most impressive were the sides such as the Pork Confit which was very tender with a slightly crispy seared skin as well as the Soft Egg topped with delicious Spicy Shrimp. The Salmon Otak Otak Gratin is more crumbly than your usual otak otak but I am alright with it, I think it can be enjoyed together with the noodles and laksa gravy like a furikake kind of mix too Besides, enjoying the oodles with the dipping sauce, there don’t seem to be a set of rules on how to eat it together with the sides, I guess it is pretty much a enjoy-as-you-like-it affair.

Like miso soup for the end of a Japanese meal, once you are done, a Thick Broth of Prawn and Pork would be served. It is quite a heavy broth but a really good and rich one used for prawn mee. Overall, it was quite impressive, it basically combined two of my favourite hawker food in one meal. The Teriyaki Chicken Ramen Burger that we got pales in comparison to the outstanding La Mien.

Rakusabā, The Laksa Ramen Bar
Gillman Barracks, Boiler Room
Blk 39 #01-10

Fridays from 6pm to 10pm, 
Saturdays from 12pm to 10pm
Sundays from 12pm to 3pm.


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