Black Sheep Cafe is Back

23rd July 2013
You might have probably seen this coming. I am a fan of Black Sheep Café and it was good news when I found out it has re-opened at Sin Ming Road’s Thomson V, just a few bus stops away from my house!

The new café, located at the basement is nothing like a dungeon. It was airy, well-lit and comfortable with a contemporary café feel. The menu has yet to be finalized, hence I had a temporary menu featuring the old classics like Duck Confit, Pork Cheeks, Baked Brie and Chocolate Fondant (all of which would still be in the new menu).

Chef Ratha shared with me that there will be a new Lunch Set menu priced around 26-30 SGD depending on the number of courses with tea and coffee included. And for old-fans of Black Sheep Café, the No GST, No Service Charge policy still stands! Yay no ++! One of the items that was carried forward from the British restaurant, Masons at Gillman Barracks where Chef Ratha previously worked was the Beer-Battered Fish and Chips (with pea mash). Instead of dory, he uses cream snapper and apparently it was very popular among the tuition crowd around the area. I got to try that someday!

For lunch, I had the Duck Confit on Apple Roesti, served with Salad and Tangy Mango. It was as good as I remembered, crispy skin with a moist, juicy flesh paired with the sweet and tangy mango salsa and savoury apple roesti. This brought back good memories for me.

There were a few slices of crispy, warm garlic bread to munch on between my main course and dessert.

I picked the Flourless Chocolate Fondant served with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. It was a sentimental choice because I had this during my first visit to Black Sheep Café a couple of years ago. Molten chocolate flow out of the rich chocolate cake and went very well with the quality vanilla ice cream. I think he probably got it from Latte e Miele (previously known as Frigidarium).

Lastly the meal ended with a really well-rounded, balanced cup of cappuccino from Puro, a Belgian brand with strict quality controls. The teas here are from Puro as well. Chef Ratha shared that there were patrons who came here just for the coffee.

I also had a short chat with Chef Ratha who sees the re-opening of Black Sheep Café as another phase of his career and having gained some exposure after spending some time at Masons (now headed by Clive Dixon, a British chef). Like the old Black Sheep Café, Chef Ratha wants to serve food at an affordable price range without compromising on quality. While old-time patrons may be astonished to find the Black Sheep Shank missing from the menu, fear not, Chef Ratha might be putting up an archive of the dishes he did and might just whip for that dish you miss upon request (no guarantees though!)

Black Sheep Cafe
11 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575629


  1. All the best for the re-opening of Black Sheep Café as another phase. I am coffee lover, I love to have sip of coffee over there.

    Kopi Luwak

    1. decent cappuccino there if you prefer a balanced cup of coffee that isn't too strong or acidic. The coffees are around the 4-6 SGD range per cup.

  2. oh they have shifted from little india area to Sin Ming! I went there 3 years ago, now that its nearer, looks like its a good time to revisit!

    1. yeap it is nearer to my place too. Chef Ratha was glad to leave Mayo St, he said it was not very accessible especially when there is the downtown line construction going on.


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