Reflections of a Moose : Four Years Later.

16th June 2013.
My friends have always asked how the name of this blog came about. Therefore, I made this comic.

It has been fours plus since theMoose started, there have been ups and downs but the 4 moose have grown up, Yew Ann has finished his studies and doing work and travel in the States, Jia Yao is happy in Australia and travelling around the world from time to time, Vinleon has done work for Poached Magazine and dropped by sometimes with a tantalizing post such as the coverage on Plaza Brasserie. Then there is Liang Wei who is coming back from the UK soon after his final year in Cambridge and then there is Mu Yao has ORDed and pursuing a degree at NTU, taking some time off to share his delicious insights when he takes a break from Nanyang Chronicle and studies.

Hence, it is time for a face lift. I have removed the clutter and adopted a cleaner template. I have added an email subscription below as well to give you a heads up when there is new food discovery or travel snippet especially during after those busy exam periods. Alternatively you can also follow us on our Facebook page below which serves not only theMoose but also Pok Pok & Away, which focus on my travels and art stuff. (The name actually came from a soft toy chicken.)

This blog would still be here to stay, it’s a part left over from one of the happiest times I had with my 3 moose. I will continue to share about food, my drawings and promoting talented artists from time to time. I look forward to sharing the completed Tekong Journal, a series of comics about Tekong inspired by Guy Delisle’s chronicles.


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