: Taking a Break at The Pit Stop Deli

Foodpanda : Pit Stop Deli

12th April 2013.
It has been a terribly busy week with some final submissions and last minute wrapping up of projects. In the midst of such tightly packed schedules, food delivery can be a god send. One such food delivery service is made available by none other than food panda, a user friendly food delivery websites with a host of restaurants.

Foodpanda : Pit Stop Deli

After watching Anthony Bourdain sampling burgers, I have a sudden craving for burgers and thankfully, after keying my postal code into foodpanda, I found Botak Jones and Pitstop Deli serving American cuisine. I ordered the Pitstop Burger (7.50 SGD), a decadent burger made up of fried egg, a generous beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, melted cheese and topped with chilli con carne. Did I mention it came with a huge serving of fries too?

Foodpanda : Pit Stop Deli

Out of curiosity, I also ordered a side of Cheesy Fries (5.00 SGD), a heap of French fries topped with melted cheese and mayonnaise. Although the delivery was delayed, I appreciate the sense of responsibility on the part of foodpanda and Pit Stop Deli by taking the initiative to make sure I have a warm meal at my doorstep by preparing another set for me after the delay. (A normal occurrence at my residence, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Canadian…..they all had trouble finding my address in the past too)

Right now, I figured out foodpanda is still adjusting its list of restaurants (I hope to see more variety of cuisines available) but all in all the user friendly interface, the convenience of getting restaurant food and the alternative to the usual McDonalds and KFC makes them a worthwhile option for your dinner or lunch at home or even in school!

Food Delivery in Singapore. is also available in a couple of other countries.

23 Mackenzie Road,
Singapore 228680

Phone : 6336 1700

24 Hours (Daily)


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