Takayama : Taste of Hida Beef @ Maruaki (丸明)

丸明 飛騨高山店 - Maruaki

22nd December 2012.
Takayama, Japan.
For lunch, we headed to a restaurant that specializes in Hida beef named Maruaki. The front of the restaurant is a butchery selling beautifully marbled Hida beef on display. At the back , a warm, classy looking restaurant serves quality Hida beef (and other kinds of meat) for grilling and being in Hida Takayama, they also offer Hida Beef grilled with Hoba Miso on a Magnolia leaf.

丸明 飛騨高山店 - Wagyu

The beef at Maruaki is amazingly tender and as expected from any quality wagyu, the beef here melts in your mouth. My friends commented that the texture it reminded them of butter (in an enjoyable way).

丸明 飛騨高山店 - Beef Hobayaki

Not only the beef is very tender, it also smells great and tasted great with the sweet and savoury hoba miso served with a small serving of vegetables. You could enjoy it with rice the rice included in the Hoba Miso Set or with a light dip in soy sauce.

丸明 飛騨高山店 - Beef Hobayaki

If you are not in to Hoba Miso, you can also enjoy your choice of meats in the good old fashion way : the grill. One of my fellow travel companions don’t take beef and ordered pork and chicken to grill instead. The pork was really good too.

丸明 飛騨高山店 - Marinated Chicken

Besides grilling, you could also enjoy Hida Beef in the form of a potage.

丸明 飛騨高山店
Hidagyu Maruaki


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