Mayim : Looks Good on the Menu...only.

Mayim - Prosperous Salmon Raw Fish

9th February 2013.
Chinese New Year Eve.
Reunion Dinner is one meal I always look forward to for Chinese New Year. It is one of those rare opportunities when our family gets together and this year was great as my elder brother was together with us too, it has been a long time since our whole family came together.

Food wise, I am not so particular, as long as it’s decent and the price is right, I don’t crave for a lobster with balsamic reduction that sort of food, a good’ol ee-fu noodles and the essential yusheng makes me a happy person.

Mayim - Prosperous Salmon Raw Fish

My family picked Mayim at Yishun this year for our Reunion Dinner. The first dish, as expected for a Chinese New Year reunion dinner, is the Prosperous Salmon Raw Fish (Yusheng) which features thick slices of raw salmon with a myriad of colourful condiments such as sesame seeds, pickled ginger, shredded cucumber, carrots, radish etc. The yusheng at Mayim wasn’t too sweet which is a plus point.

Mayim - Special Combination

Next up is Mayim Special Combination which has Roasted Duck garnished with Sliced Orange, Salad, Pork Belly and some kind of noodles. The duck was quite tasty although the orange sauce reminded me of those Ambipur scented jelly you used at home and the Pork Belly was dry.

Mayim - Roasted Duck

The meal just went downhill from the Special Combination onwards. The soup was a Braised Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat garnished with Shredded King Oyster Mushroom and Golden Mushroom. I seldom get to eat shark’s fin and if given the choice, I wouldn't want this on my menu. As pointed out by opponents of consuming shark fin, it was only a texture thing.

Mayim - Dried Oyster with Black Moss, Superior Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber

Other unmemorable and subpar dishes include Dried Oyster with Black Moss, Superior Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber garnished with Broccoli….

Mayim - Golden Fried Live “Soon Hock” Fish
Mayim - Golden Fried Live “Soon Hock” Fish

Golden Fried Live “Soon Hock” Fish with its chalky flesh but crispy skin….

Mayim - Dried Oyster with Black Moss, Superior Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber

And Classic Marinated (Frozen) Chicken topped with Shredded Ham with chalky flesh.

Mayim - Glutinous Rice

Thankyfully the Glutinous Rice with Mushroom, Preserved Meat, Conpoy, Dried Shrimp and Chinese Sausage was quite decent.

Mayim - Sweetened Honeydew with Sago

Sadly, the meal ended off with a disappointing and watery Sweetened Honeydew with Sago. Honestly, I think I could get something better if not on par at 2 thirds the price in a tze char restaurant in coffeeshop. 

There were more misses and hits at Mayim at Yishun for our Chinese New Year reunion dinner and you probably realized that the names of the dishes sounded more impressive than the actual things by now. On the other hand, service was okay and our drinks were refilled frequently.

930 Yishun Ave 2
#02-01/05 Northpoint Shopping Centre

Tel: 67583168


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