Food for Thought : Giant Scones.

Food for Thought - Moist Carrot Cake

8th January 2013
Food for Thought used to be one of my favourite place for a light snack or dessert, however, ever since my poor experience at Food for Thought at the Botanical Gardens, I have been hesitant to return to Food for Thought.

Until one day, figuring out that maybe it was just Botanical Gardens, Calvin and I decided to give Food for Thought at 8Q a go. The food isn’t cheap at Food for Thought but if you want a cozy, slightly upmarket café in the area then it is probably one of the lesser evils. To be fair, they don’t charge service charge which is a plus.

Food for Thought - Garlic Prawns with Capsicum Linguine

Calvin had the Garlic Prawn and Red Capsicum Linguine (16.00+ SGD) which turned out to be a flop. The pasta was dry and a tad overcooked, and as what I remembered from my Botanical Gardens, this one is drenched in olive oil as well, effectively masking the garlic and capsicum.

Food for Thought - Moist Carrot Cake

The Moist Carrot Cake (6.00+ SGD) however was rather decent. I wasn’t that moist to be honest (it has kind of dried out when I had it) but taste-wise it was acceptable. It has a delicate cream cheese frosting and the sponge was rather rich.

Food for Thought - Scones

We also had the Scones (3.00+ SGD ea.) which were enormous, like the one I had at Tate Modern in London. Our excitement dampened after finding out that the inside was slightly “doughey” and the outside lacked a crispy crust on the top (I had better scones at tcc). Nonetheless, it does come with a redeeming homemade Dragonfruit Preserve, a tropical and mildly sweet jam to enjoy with the giant scones.

Lastly, for a place that doesn't charge service charge, the service here is commendable.

Food for Thought (8Q)
8 Queen St


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