The Tuxedo Cake of Carlton Hotel

Tuxedo Cake, Carlton Hotel

5th January 2012.
After reading about the raved reviews about Carlton Hotel’s Tuxedo Cake at Indulgence After Workout, I decided to grab a slice of it for my mum one day since I was around Carlton Hotel. The cake cost 5.80 SGD and it was quite a big slice. For takeaways however, it will costs 6.20 SGD. Like what was written on Indulgence After Workout, the chocolate cake was surprisingly moist and not too sweet and cloying. The only minor flaw is the rough texture of the cake’s sponge. Still, I enjoyed this chocolate cake quite a lot. I think this will go very well with the Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine Tea I got from O’Sulloc.


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