Seoul : Tony Roma's (토니로마스) in Korea

IFC Seoul at Night

1st December 2012.
Seoul, South Korea.
Tony Roma’s has a couple of outlets in South Korea or rather Seoul. The American casual dining chain has a branch near the International Financial Center at Yeouido. I was offered a coupon for a free BBQ Chicken and Pork Ribs after making a big purchase at the IFC’s YP Bookstore.

Tony Roma's - Bread

Despite the ulu location and the near-absence of other diners except for my friend and myself, the food here was quite decent actually. The meal started off with some bread and butter. I wasn’t some gourmet bread but it was warm.

Tony Roma's - Good Old Ham Pasta

This was followed by an order of Good Old Ham Pasta (19800 KRW) which is basically cream pasta with Spam-like ham and sausages. The pasta came seasoned with crushed black pepper.

Tony Roma's - Chicken and Ribs
Tony Roma's - Chicken and Ribs

Then there was the Ribs and Barbecued Chicken (29100 KRW) which features half rack of baby back ribs and a quarter of BBQ chicken basted with original BBQ sauce. Both the ribs and barbecued chicken were not bad. The BBQ sauce was sweet and very tasty. The meat of both the ribs and chicken were quite tender too. I wonder why there were so few people at the restaurant even though the food was rather decent. Perhaps it is because the food here is quite expensive.

IFC Seoul at Night
IFC Seoul at Night

Tony Roma’s
Various Locations around Seoul.


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