Ansan : Rang Myeon at Gim Ga Ne (김家네)

김家네 - Boxes

13th September 2012.
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Gim Ga Ne, located near our school is another convenient eatery for a quick dinner or lunch. The eatery serves various gimbap (we layman call sushi) and noodles such as rang myeon (which are instant noodles in Korea), udon and guksu.

김家네 - Interior

The food is affordable as most of the dishes priced within the 3000-6000 range and during a cold weather, a bowl of hot rang myeon is always welcomed.

김家네 - Rang Myeon

Here is a Rang Myeon with mandu (dumplings), 3500 KRW.

김家네 - Mandu Rang Myeon

In Korea, they add cheese to their rang myeon too, 3000 KRW.

김家네 - Cheese Rang Myeon

Gim Ga Ne is actually a Korea chain, so you could find it in other parts of South Korea as well.

김家네 - Rang Myeon

Gim Ga Ne
The Gim Ga Ne we visited is located at the junction just outside the main entrance of Hanyang ERICA Campus. It is near the GS25 Convenience Store and opposite Paris Baguette.


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