Ansan : Let's Go Jjigae Jjigae (찌개찌개)

찌개찌개 - 낙지볶음

August – November 2012.
Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Back at Hanyang University, one of our most popular hangout place is a restaurant specializing in a variety of stews known as Jjigae Jjigae (찌개찌개). One of the reasons is because they have free flow banchan and no matter what you order, the price is fixed at 5000 KRW per person (until they raised it to 5500/6000 KRW)

찌개찌개 - 낙지볶음

You probably have read about Budae Jjigae (also being served at 찌개찌개) and despite the difference in names etc, the concept is almost the same and the dominant ingredient simply takes the name in a stew. The spiciest jjigae is probably the Nakji Jjigae 낙지볶음 which features octopus in it.

찌개찌개 - 낙지볶음

My favourite jjigae at 찌개찌개 are the Chicken based ones such as dukduli-tang 닭도리탕 also known as Spicy Chicken served with Vegetables. It is less spicy than Nakji Jjigae and I enjoyed the chicken very much, they are always so tender. The gravy is perfect with rice too.

찌개찌개 - 닭도리탕

Other forms of jjigae served at include Dongae Jjigae 동태찌개 which is Frozen Pollack Stew. Unlike the Chicken and Pork dishes, this is more like a soup.

찌개찌개 - 동태찌개

One of the must order in찌개찌개is the Jeyuk Bokkeum 제육볶음, spicy stir-fried pork. The pork slices are coated in a rich, sweet and spicy gravy and complements rice very well. Rice is included in the price by the way and so are the banchan which changes from time to time, I love their omelette.

찌개찌개 - 제육볶음

Jjigae Jjigae
경기 안산시 상록구 사동 1569-4

Located next to Mr Pizza on the second storey of a building at the junction where the main entrance to Hanyang University is. You should be able to spot a white signboard written with “찌개찌개” on it. The building is near 7 Eleven and opposite GS25 as well as one of those diagonal structures of Hanyang University ERICA’s main entrance.


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