Seoul : A Makan Fest at Classic 500

Classic 500 - Exterior

28-29th November 2012.
Seoul, South Korea.
On the 28th of November, 13 of us exchange students to Hanyang University had our final gathering at the Classic 500, a serviced apartment located next to Konkuk University (and a similarly named subway station.

Classic 500 - Suite
Classic 500 - Suite Living Room

The contemporary style apartment was very spacious, boasting a floor area of up to 148 square meters and the best part of the “suite” is its island-style kitchen (with a great oven), a perfect addition for our finale makan fest, making the end of our 4/5-months stay in Korea.

Classic 500 - Ready for Cooking

The suite was expansive with ceiling to floor glass windows for maximum natural lighting and there is even a walk-in wardrobe! Other facilities include a smart room infrastructure with a control panel to control room temperature and light levels (besides doubling as a mini TV screen). The only flaw with the suite is the weird control for the showers as well as the toilet doors which could not be locked.

Classic 500 - Toilet
Classic 500 - Walk-in Wardrobe

Classic 500 also boast a well-equipped and very spacious gym with free gym lessons provided.

Classic 500 - Gym

La goutte, their in-house restaurant serves a rather decent breakfast buffet in the morning with cold cuts, salads, breads, eggs of your choice and a modest selection of hot food.

la goutte - Interior
la goutte - Coffee

Breakfast at la goutte.

la goutte - Bread
la goutte - Cold Selections
la goutte - Soup and Porridge
la goutte - Sausages

With this great setting and both a Lotte Departmental Store and E-Mart next door, it was the perfect place for our finale makan fest.

Chicken Curry

The 13 of us whipped up some local dishes like our favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice, Lotus Root Soup, Laksa and a couple of curries.

Lotus Root Soup

The Prima Taste food packs were really easy to use and tasted pretty decent actually, the laksa packs came with coconut cream and even bits of laksa leaves. The Hainanese Chicken Rice food packs had dark soy sauce, ginger and the essential chili sauce.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

With the oven, it was also possible to serve Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon for dinner and Scones for brunch.

Roasted Chicken

Dinner was not complete without a celebratory wine.

Ice Wine

Here we had a bottle of sweet, honey-like 2007 Canadian Dream Estate Winery Ice Wine Vidal from Canada, served with some dried mango and pineapples along with Australian brie, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Paris Baguette pound cakes.

Black Pepper Prawns
Grilled Mushrooms

Like dinner, brunch was quite a feast as well. We cooked Black Pepper Prawns alongside with several classic Western items such as Mushrooms topped with Brie, Sausages, Scrambled Eggs and Omelette. By the end of our stay at Classic 500, we were thoroughly stuffed with food.

Classic 500
227-342 Jayang-dong, Gwangjingu,
Seoul, South Korea


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