Macau : Restaurante Escada (Tourist Class)

Restaurante Escada - Exterior

2nd December 2012. Written by Xin Li.
Macau, China
I was dying to try “Portuguese” cuisine since I visited Macau the last time. This time round, I just have to try it. Restaurant Escada has a decent rating on Tripadvisor and it is also near Senado Square.

Restaurante Escada - Interior

The service was okay for a restaurant with nothing memorable or to complain about and the diners in the restaurant seemed to a mix of tourists and businesspeople.

Restaurante Escada - Interior

The meal started with the standard bread and butter. Their bread roll was ordinary. The crust was quite hard and the interior was chewy.

Restaurante Escada - Bread

Our starter is the Pumpkin Soup. It has a hint of spiciness and tasted like Minestrone soup.

Restaurante Escada - Soup

Then came the main course, I read that seafood is a forte of their restaurant and without hesitation, I went with the fish option in their lunch set menu. I had their Grilled Fresh Seabass.

Restaurante Escada - Sea Bass

The dish was simple, and I think the intention is to really enjoy the fish’s natural flavours. The Seabass was fairly juicy or kept moist with the lemon juice and olive oil but it was otherwise bland and the countless fish bones made it a chore to enjoy this dish.

Restaurante Escada - Sea Bass

The sides included a pile of uninspiring deep fried, oily straight cut fries.

Restaurante Escada - Lunch

My friend decided to try their Grilled Veal which tasted like Pork Chops.

Restaurante Escada - Creme Caramel

Desert was a Crème Caramel or Caramel Custard. I find the caramel sauce on the bitter side, probably burnt too and the custard was rather bland, overwhelmed by the bitterness of the sauce. In short, this dessert was a disappointment.

Restaurante Escada - Meal

At the end of the meal, both of us felt as if we have just flushed a good amount of Patacas down the drain. It was a terrible meal. We might have walked into the epitome of a tourist restaurant or perhaps, Portuguese cuisine just isn’t to our liking.

Total Damage: 168-188 MOP per set lunch.

Restaurante Escada

8 R. da Se, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro


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