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Peace Cafe - Festive Season

2nd December 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong is filled with hidden finds like cafes in an obscure shophouse or private kitchens such as this one visited by Glenn long time ago.

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We had dinner at one of these hidden finds again, located in the bustling shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui. Unlike ECF, Peace Café is much more informal with a festive atmosphere. We had the privilege of getting a window seat which had the view of the iconic Hong Kong street decked with neon signs and aging tenements.

Peace Cafe - Buns

Apparently they baked these buns themselves. It was airy, light with a rich buttery flavour and served warm with butter. It makes an excellent start for the meal. These buns are the perfect comfort food.

Peace Cafe - Mushroom Soup

For starter, I had the mushroom soup, a dull-tasting soup with a thick creamy texture. The mushrooms itself seemed to be overpowered by the stock.

Peace Cafe - Apple Salad

We also had a small dish of Apple Salad topped with a wedge of Kiwi. This cold starter was very tasty, crunchy apples mixed with sweet corn kernels and dressed in a tangy salad dressing. I enjoyed this very much.

Peace Cafe - Teriyaki Chicken with Homemade Wasabi Sauce

My friend had the Chicken Teriyaki Rice with Homemade Wasabi Sauce, if you are wondering where is the wasabi, it’s actually infused in the rice. It proved to be overwhelmingly painful to finish this dish.

Peace Cafe - Prawn and Mushroom Fusilli

I had the Fusilli with Prawns and Mushrooms. It was much better than the Teriyaki Chicken Rice. The pasta was served with a rich and creamy sauce. The prawns were succulent and the cream sauce itself has a nice hint of mushroom flavour to it as opposed to just cream. Overall, it was a decent pasta dish.

Peace Cafe - NY Cheesecake

But that is not all, there were desserts too such as a New York Cheese Cake. A nicely done petite cheese cake. I felt that the cream cheese could have been richer.

Peace Cafe - Tiramisu

The Tiramisu was ordinary. I didn’t like the oily aftertaste that came from the coffee cream.

Peace Cafe - Lemon Water

Drinks were also included in their set meal. Lemon Water was literally lemon plus water.

Peace Cafe - Kumquat Drink

The Kumquat flavoured drink. Apparently it was a signature of theirs but it doesn’t go down well with me. It was too bitter and sour for my taste. The whole dinner cost 110 HKD per pax. A really affordable meal if you ask me.

Peace Café
Flat B, 2/F, Hanyee Building,
19-21 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



  1. The Fusilli with Prawns and Mushrooms is presented very nicely! But is there only 1 big prawn? the rest are small

  2. yeap the presentation was beautiful, and yes there was only one big prawn but I didn't mind as drinks, bread, apple salad, soup, dessert and the main course were all included for just 110 HKD for dinner, quite a steal.



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