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25th April 2012. Written by Xin Li.

Its that time of the year again. I will be away till May.
In the meantime, do visit these awesome blogs and our travel section:
Pok Pok and Away and our partner Got Real!

Other great blogs and sites include :
an amazing travel blog that will guarantee tickle your urge to travel.

Peter's take on food in Singapore will leave you drooling even after a full meal.

Follow Jeanie on her European odyssey.

Planning a menu for dinner or lunch? Looking for recipes to impress your guests? The blogger is a talented and passionate chef!

Are you a gourmet traveller who's lifetime wishlist is to dine at Guy Savoy in Paris, French Laundry in Napa Valley, Fat Duck in London, Sushi Jiro in Tokyo? Then Food in Singapore and the Rest of the World by Lennard can take you there! You must read the Fat Duck post. Someday, I want to try to have meal by Heston Blumenthal too.

A favourite blog of mine. Check out the post on Bangkok street food!

Are you travelling to Hong Kong or Bangkok this May? Then you must visit Daniel's blog!

Looking for a cafe or hidden find to chill out? Amasou Umasou always seem to have an answer for where to have a cup of coffee to chill out. Another of my favourite blog (with beautiful photos too!)

Have you seen a Pineapple Themepark before? Do visit Camenberu to read up on Okinawa and Taiwan and not to forget tasty posts on food in Singapore.

If you remember *thesimplestaphrodisiac and enjoyed it, Harris is now back with FrequentFoodMiles. The Shore at Katathani sure looks good there are several posts offering a peek into inflight food on Thai and SQ.

For April....Hong Kong! Quick see where to eat at the Fragrant Harbour!

Another blog I often visit by Kaelyn, from the Parisian food to food in Tokyo. You will find yourself spoilt for choice as you discover her rick library of posts.

The blog has been quiet lately but it has exellent posts about Bhutan's food and travel. Do check it out!

Take a break from food and dwell into Lifestyle with CalvinTimo!

A recent favorite of mine. Food is actually not the highlight here but rather the opportunity to discover another cuisine and culture in Mozambique, Kurdistan or Croatia or the Greek Islands and see another world beyond Singapore or the usual travel destinations through this interesting travel documentary.

A newcomer to the British food scene. Rachel Khoo's candid and practical approach towards French cuisine is a real treat for any food lover. Just look at her rendition of the Moelleux au Chocolat!

How about some British comedy? A brilliant stand-up comedian.

Hosted by Stephen Fry and a host of comedians. This is quite interesting!


  1. 加油 ah! Chop chop the pain very fast over one haha

  2. to stargirl and Daniel: thank you! =D Yeap 2 more days!



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