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SQ860 – Details

2nd January 2012. Written by Xin Li.
SQ 860
Singapore Airlines
Singapore to Hong Kong.
Its been a long time since I flew with Singapore Airlines. The last time was more than 4 years ago. Two months ago, I finally had the chance to fly with this legendary national carrier thanks to their promotional fares.

SQ860 - Aerobridge

Before the flight, I am already impressed by the professional and thoughtful service such as being understanding enough to allow us to change our flight dates despite the ticket rules. Yes the phone lines may busy most of the time but the wait was all worth it.

SQ860 - Plane

Our flight to Hong Kong is on a B777-200 plane featuring the new seating arrangement.

SQ860 - Interior

Praised to the skies by Mu Yao, I can't help but expect a lot from this award-winning carrier. My first impression upon boarding the plane was that the cabin was no longer the clinical blue scheme that I remembered it was, it has been replaced by a warm and earthy template of colours which was a nice touch indeed, the atmosphere reminded me of Thai Airways in some way but not as colourful.

SQ860 - Cabin

The seat was surprisingly thin but rather comfortable and their pillow was great, not the kind of cheap, almost foam like pillows but real tiny pillows with a quality cover making comfortable to carry and sleep on.

SQ860 - Breakfast

As it was a morning flight, we were being served brunch on the way to Hong Kong on this 3-4 hour flight. I had the International Selection, it was a Cheese Omelette with Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato and Potatoes. The omelette was pleasantly moist but a little oily and the cheese actually flows out when I cut the omelette. It was a tasty and satisfying breakfast.

SQ860 - Bread Roll

The bread roll, cold and tough pales in comparison with Thai Airways.

SQ860 - Salad and Dessert

The Lemon Cream Cake is basically sponge cake with a thick layer of lemon infused cream layer on top and between it.

SQ860 - Breakfast

The Oriental Option was a Stir-fried Pork with Ginger, Beancurd with Vegetables and Steamed Rice. Quite decent according to my mum.

SQ860 - Krisworld

After our meal, it was time to explore whats on Krisworld, the inflight entertainment system. The options are rather limited compared to our Emirates flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. There is no Simpsons or Armstrong and Miller, quite disappointing however I like that they have a language learning “game”. The downside is that the audio was too soft even on the highest setting.

SQ860 - Menu and Magazine

Service throughout the flight was good, it was candid enough to make you feel at home yet professional.

SQ860 - Skies

Our plane departs towards the North from Changi International Airport, I was able to spot my beloved Pulau Tekong, I really regret not exploring the place while I was still inside.

SQ860 - Changi International Airport
SQ860 - Pulau Tekong
SQ860 - Pulau Tekong Kechil
SQ860 - La Mer

Then there are some dramatic skies before our approach at Hong Kong International Airport.

SQ860 - Ponder

I will consider flying with Singapore Airlines again if my budget allows, it was great being able to fly with our national carrier again.

Singapore Airlines


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