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Johor - Senai International Airport

29th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Air Asia
Johor Bahru to Penang

We wanted to explore the modern Senai International Airport at Johor so we took the opportunity to depart from Johor Bahru to Penang instead of Changi International Airport.

Johor - Senai International Airport

The airport is rather modest and the facade was indeed quite elegant looking. Nonetheless, all these modernity is only a deception. The interior was rather messy and certain parts looked unfinished.

Johor - Senai International Airport

The most ridiculous thing I have found at the airport was in the toilet. The gap between the basin and the tap was so small that it makes it almost impossible to wash your hands without pressing it against the cold ceramic edges of the basin. Bad ergonomics!

AK5442 - Firefly Disembarking

This is also my first flight with the “Best Budget Airline” for the past three years (by Skytrax). The seats were comfortable and the flight was rather smooth but rather scary as the plane takes off immediately after turning into the runway. Often, there would be a pause after turning into the runway before taking off.

AK5442 - Boarding Pass
Johor - Senai International Airport

AirAsia has a policy of no photography when they are doing the safety demonstration.

AK5442 - Cabin

As it was an early flight, I decided to try having breakfast on AirAsia. I made the wrong choice of ordering their (20% more) Pancakes Combo which comes with 3 petite pieces of pancakes, butter, syrup and a cup of mineral water.

AK5442 - Menu

The pancakes were decent but I would love them fluffy which is lacking in AirAsia's Pancake Combo. Furthermore, intentionally or not, the pancakes has a mild curry flavour (I attribute this to microwaving the pancakes together with a chicken curry dish rather than intentional.)

AK5442 - Pancakes

On the way to Penang, I was treated to a spectacular 'light show' near Manjung.

AK5442 - Manjung and Pangkor
AK5442 - Straits of Melaka

My overall experience with AirAsia was satisfactory, I would consider flying with them again but I am definitely not going to order the pancakes again.

Penang - Penang International Airport


  1. I'm in the process of adding meals to my Air Asia flight. Googled "Air Asia Pancakes" and your blog came up. I won't be purchasing the Pancakes. Thank you :)



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