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QR640 - Doha International Airport

20th July 2011. Written by Xin Li
Qatar Airways

QR640 - Hehe

After a long 6 hours transit in Doha International Airport (thankfully there was the Oryx Lounge), we finally get to board the plane back home.

QR640 – Cabin
QR640 - Oryx Entertainment System

To our disappointment it was an old plane, the Oryx entertainment system is the older version which requires you to fiddle with the buttons at the armrest.

QR640 – Pre-flight

Sweets and wet wipes were being given out before departure.

QR640 - Doha from Above

Doha in the morning as the plane made its way for higher altitudes.

QR640 – Doha

As it was a morning flight, breakfast was served. I had the Fried Rice which was only so-so as you could see the rice looked pretty 'tired' right?

QR640 – Breakfast
QR640 - Fried Rice
QR640 - Bread, Jam and Butter

Thai Airways 1, Qatar Airways 0 for bread.

QR640 - Fruits and Muesli

A fruit muesli? Quite nice actually.

QR640 – Nightsnack

We get a nightsnack on this flight too, reminded me of the sandwich I had on a Singapore Airlines flight to Fukuoka long long time ago. Nostalgic feeling. Nightsnack on Qatar Airways is always accompanied by this chocolate coated Munchy biscuit.

QR640 - Is this Singapore?

About 6 to 7 hours, the plane finally approaches Singapore and begun its descent onto Changi International Airport. Caught a glimpse of Pulau Tekong at night with its distinguishable ferry terminal. The annoyances of National Service aside, I actually miss the island a lot.

QR640 - Pulau Tekong at Night

And with this flight, I wrapped up our short trip to Europe. I wonder when I would be able to visit that amazing continent again. And, note to self: 14 days is too short!


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