Venice : Morning on the Vaporetto

Venice : Venetian Townhouse

18th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Venice, Italy
I haven't been posting lately. You could probably tell that I am bogged down with work from uni again =/

Venice : Vaporetto

Venice is a city of canals and land transport are not allowed on the island. As such, boats replaced buses, cabs as trains as the only means of getting around the island (besides walking). Their water bus, is called Vaporetto and if you are in Venice for a short stay, they have 12 – 72 hour passes that gives you unlimited travel on these boats to places within Venice and her better known outer islands such as Burano, Lido and Murano.

Venice : Sacca Fisola

Just like the Star Ferry of Hong Kong, you get to enjoy beautiful sea views of Venice without paying a bomb for a cruise or gondola rides!

Venice : Outer Island
Venice : Santa Maria Della Salute

Contrary to the negative sentiments shared by my peers about Venice, I like the bright colours of Venice and I find the place to be one of the prettiest cities I have visited. Seen in the two photos is the Santa Maria Della Salute , also known as the Basilica of St Mary of Health. The Baroque style structure was completed in 1681 AD and it was designed by Baldassare Longhena.

Venice : Santa Maria Della Salute

Why St. Mary of Health? It was because in 1630, Venice was struck by a devastating plague and the church was built as a gesture of gratitude for the city's deliverance from the plague.

Venice : Vaporetto

A beautiful city that one must visit.

Venice : Skyline


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