Phuket : Phuket Town to Patong

Phuket - Ranong Road

3rd August 2011. Taken by Xin Li.
Phuket, Thailand.
We start to make our way to Ranong Road via Thalang Road on our last day in Phuket Town.

Phuket - Thalang Road

Phuket - Thalang Road

We also visited the wet market before boarding the bus for Patong.

Phuket - Ranong Road

Phuket - Ranong Road

Phuket - Ranong Road

The buses are clustered along Ranong Road. There are buses to Kata, Chalong and Patong. A taxi to Patong from Phuket would cost roughly 400 THB. In comparison, a bus to Patong cost only 25 THB! Take note that all buses depart and return to Phuket Town only (i.e. there is not direct public bus from Patong to Chalong.)

Phuket - Ranong Road

The ride from Phuket Town would pass by Central Festival, a huge shopping mall before heading to the hills. Phuket Town and Patong is separated by a hill area in between, but it also meant that you would have a beautiful entry towards Patong as it starts to drive down towards the beach.

Phuket - Ranong Road

From a higher elevation, you could see a pristine (but crowded) beach forming a backdrop to the town of Patong.

Phuket - Towards Patong

There is rather big mosque in Patong which you would see as the bus makes its way into Patong, it’s the Cok Makam Musyid Mosque (also known as Patong Mosque).

Phuket - Cok Makam Musyid Mosque

We spent a night in Patong at the Royal Phawadee Village Resort.

Phuket - Royal Phawadaee Village Resort


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