Phuket : Fuji Restaurant

Phuket, Thailand
4th August 2011. Written by Xin Li.

Managed by the International food group, the Fuji Group which also managed CoCoICHIBANYA and has several branches around Thailand, Phuket is no exception. Recommended by Vin for its affordable prices and generous portions plus a craving for non-Thai food or Western food, we decided to have lunch at Fuji Restaurant at the Central Festival.
Fuji Restaurant - Steak Set

I had the Teppanyaki Steak Set which includes appetizer with prawns and asparagus, rice, salad, miso soup and chunks of grilled beef served with stir-fried vegetables and garlic chips.

Fuji Restaurant - Steak Set

The beef was too rare when it was served. We had to send it back once before getting it right at medium rare. The dish was decent for its price, as expected the texture of the beef leaves much to be desired.
Fuji Restaurant - Steak Set

Nonetheless, the generous portions and decent flavors made this a worthwhile meal. A choice of milk tea or coffee was included in the meal too. The whole meal cost me 308 THB. Vinleon had the Soba noodles.

Fuji Restaurant
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