Bruised at Bruce Lee Cafe

Bruce Lee Cafe - Interior
15th October 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Under the management of the Old Hong Kong Café Group, Bruce Lee Café makes its smash hit into the university scene at National University of Singapore’s latest addition, U-Town.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Interior
The cafe interior was a jarring, mismatch of black, white furniture and exposed internal workings. While marks should be given for booth seats and the street views, the overall interior design just fell flat. There was an identity crises going on.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Chinese Tea
Before the meal, one of us had a cup of Chinese tea which tasted weird as sugar as added to it.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Borsch Soup

For a start we had the Borsch Soup (2.78+ SGD) which was too bland and resembled Minestrone Soup.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Chicken and Corn Soup
The Chicken and Corn Soup (2.80+ SGD) fared better.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Toast with Butter
My studio mate decided to have something light. She went for the Toast with Butter which came with a small dish of honey. The toast was a disappointment too as it was tasteless.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Zhajiangmian
Next was the Zhajiang Noodles (4.80+ SGD). The noodles was bland, the sauce lacked flavor and was too diluted. Adding some chili managed to salvage this dish. Fortunately, there was a generous serving of minced meat to go with the thick noodles.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Carrot Cake

I didn’t try the Carrot Cake and the Hot Stone Rice with Chicken.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Hot Stone Rice
During out meal, one of my studio mates’ order was mistaken for a takeaway and instead of serving in on a plate after rectifying the problem, they just serve it in a Tupperware. NUS staff and students get to enjoy a 10% discount, leaving only the GST on top of the base price.

Bruce Lee Cafe - Decor

Overall, our dining experience at Bruce Lee was a poor. For its price, quality and substandard service, it would probably be a long time before he head back there again. For now, my studio mate has only this to say about the Bruised Lee Café.

We will not talk about it” – Jinggles.


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