Dôme - Pies for Lunch

Dôme - University Cultural Centre

25th October 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Dome has been around since I was a child, the café now managed by Olio Restaurants and Cafes is part of an international café franchise based in Australia specializing in coffee. Thanks to a friend of mine who was armed with plenty of vouchers, we got to dine at Dome at the University Cultural Center in our university for free.

Dôme - Pies

I wasn’t expecting much from Dome as impression of Olio café has been poor. However, this pie lunch turned out to be surprisingly pleasant.

Dôme - Chicken and Mushroom Ragout Pie

Firstly, the Chicken and Mushroom Ragout Pie were delicious with generous chunks of chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce that was just nice. Quite good for a pre-made pie.

Dôme - Beef Pie

Secondly, the Beef Pie has a nice crust too but more hearty and heavy in flavours compared to the Chicken and Mushroom Ragout.

Dôme - Pies

Lastly, excellent coffee to round up our meal. For architecture students, coffee and tea are the essentials in our diet. Prices at Dome are rather steep. Nonetheless, we had an enjoyable meal at Dome and the service was decent too.

Dôme (AUS)
University Cultural Centre
50 Kent Ridge Crescent

Tel : 6778 3641
Fax : 6778 3642

8.30am to 5.30pm (Mon - Fri)
Closed on Sat, Sun & PH


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