Amsterdam : How to get to Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Centraal Station

16th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Schiphol Airport (located above Schiphol Station) is located some 13 - 19 minutes away from Amsterdam. The easiest way is to get there by train, fuss free and convenient. Your journey begins at the majestic Amsterdam Centraal Station, the beautiful gateway to Europe and Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal Station

The train ride cost only 3.70 EUR on Sneltrein (NS) unlike you take the high speed FYRA (which is only slightly faster by 3-5 minutes). When we were there, FYRA was the same price too.

Amsterdam Centraal Station

It is possible to purchase the tickets on the same day, just go to the station on that day itself and purchase a ticket from the ticket machines. Not all of them accept cash though as most of them only accept payment with credit card or debit card and there would be surcharge for that. The interface is user-friendly and multilingual.

Amsterdam Centraal to Schiphol Airport

Once you get your ticket, just go past the gates (no need to tap or anything)and board the train (remember to check the platform number). When we were on the train there was not train conductor to check our tickets, so theoretically one could just board a train without a ticket! (but we are law-abiding tourists).

On the Train

You can check the fares and schedules online here. It includes both FYRA and Sneltrein. I think online purchases are only for locals (at least when we tried).


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