Pulau Tekong : Unforgettable

Pulau Tekong - BMTC
18th September 2011. Written by Xin Li.Listening to Nat Cole King’s Unforgettable often brought back memories of my days at Pulau Tekong for some reason. It is an emotional piece of music.

Secluded from the outside world, Pulau Tekong is another world on its own, with some of the most beautiful sceneries in Singapore

Pulau Tekong - Coast

Our company is located next to the sea, and we used to stare out to the open sea at mainland Singapore. The recruits yearn for home and at times we enjoy the solitude that Tekong offer away from civilization.

Pulau Tekong - Coast

We used to march the recruits past this junction, cohort after cohort. Most of them have ORDed by now as officers, specialists, corporals, clerks etc.

Pulau Tekong - Ladang

It is a blessing that Pulau Tekong is closed to the public, allowing vegetation to thrive. A kampong once stood here by the name of Kampong Selabin Kampung Baru, Kampong Selabin is located further up (Thank you Brown for the correction!). Outfield lessons were conducted here and part of the SOC run down took place here (boy it was tough!)

Pulau Tekong - Selabin

Gorgeous sunsets.

Pulau Tekong - Sunset

Wonder how is Pulau Tekong like now? I really miss the good times there.


  1. Hello Xin Li..

    My mum was from P. Tekong Besar & I did my BMT in yr 2000. Therefore we have fond memories of the island. Currently I am doing some research rgd the island (its nice to bring back the past...), I have a few questions to ask. Can you pass me ur email addr? Mine is mdbsms_07@yahoo.com. Thnx, looking forward to hear from u..

  2. hi my email is xinli29288@hotmail.com, it is a beautiful island. hope to revisit it someday.

    Therea are a few books about Tekong beind published too such as the The Dust-Laden History written by Chen Poh Seng and Lee Leong Sze.

  3. Thanks Xinli, I have already sent you an email a few days ago, not sure if you've received it. True, I really wish to go back there someday.

    Yes I have that book with me, nice info however lacking the info that I'm looking for...

  4. A kampong once stood here by the name of Kampong Selabin-->wrong lah my friend, kg selabin is further up.. it should be Kampung Baru.. there's a Balai Rakyat (CC) & muslim cemetery.

    sorry, late reply..~Brown

  5. thank you for the correction, I have updated the post (:



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