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12th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Paris, France
The Hotel des 3 Colleges is located at 16 rue Cujas, a rather quiet street in the Latin Quarter just next to the busy Boulevard Saint-Michel and a stone’s throw away from the Notre Dame, Cluny Museum and College of the Sorbonne.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges - Turgot's Map of Paris
The 2-star hotel got its name from the 3 colleges in its vicinity, Cluny College, the College of the Sorbonne and the College of Cholets (later the Louis-le-Grand College).

Paris - Chapelle de la Sorbonne
Located in the Latin Quarter, the hotel is not only close to several well-known sights but easily accessible via RER from Gare du Nord. The bus stops and metro are located near the hotel, connecting you to other parts of Paris with ease.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges  - Facade

Despite its location, the street that the hotel is located at is relatively quiet.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges - Courtyard
We managed to get a Double Room (96 EUR Advance Purchase w/o Breakfast) on the 4th floor with a nice view of the surrounding row houses. I read that the fifth floor would be even more gorgeous as you would get a view over the rooftops and you would be able to see Sorbonne.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges - Double Room (4F)

The room is small, but that was expected for a hotel located in central Paris (without paying a bomb). However, the rooms are comfortable with air conditioning provided and the toilets are in good working order.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges - Bathroom
Apart from a little wear and tear we had a nice stay. For people having mobility issues, fear not, the hotel has an elevator.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges - Toiletries
The service was very good, the receptionists and cleaners were very friendly and helpful throughout our stay. I read that they have a vaulted lounge at the basement. Wifi is not complimentary here.

Hôtel des 3 Collèges - Lounge
Hotel des 3 Colleges
16 rue Cujas 75005 Paris
Tel : 33 (0) 1 43 54 67 30
Fax : 33 (0) 1 46 34 02 99


  1. I think this is pretty good for a hotel in Paris. Taking note of this. The one we had 4 years ago was @#&xx! It smelled like cockroaches living there all the time.


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