London to Paris : Seeing Stars on the Eurostar

London St.Pancras International Station - Platform 8 & 7

12th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Eurostar 9016
London St.Pancras, United Kingdom to Paris Gare du Nord, France.

There are a few ways to get to Paris from London, and train is one of them. Compared to planes, trains are more convenient as you don’t need to travel all the way to the airport, check in luggage (and pay for it) and then travel from the destination airport to where you want to go….

Eurostar 9016 - Carriage 14 Standard Class

So Eurostar becomes the most obvious choice of travelling over buses or planes. It is not cheap however to travel on the Eurostar if you do not book in advance (like way in advance thus resulting in fixed itineraries).

If you are travelling without luggage, Easyjet flies to Paris for about 28-30+ GBP, in comparison, the Eurostar from London to Paris cost 36 GBP, it would cost about 107 GBP if you opt for their Standard Premier Class.

London St.Pancras International Station - Eurostar Departure Lounge

And so, we left London St. Pancras International Station at 1000 HRS bound for Paris Gare du Nord after spending some time at the departure lounge.

London St.Pancras International Station - Platform 8 & 7

The ride turned out to be very uncomfortable. The seat design was just awkward and the speed was giving us a fair bit of discomfort.

Eurostar 9016 - Carriage 14

Food is expensive on the train (they accept both Euros and GBP), a croissant cost 1.90 EUR and a pain au chocolat cost 2.10 EUR.

Eurostar 9016 - Snack Bar

Being budget conscious travellers,....

Caffe Nero - Sandwiches

we ta bao our own food! We got some sandwiches and snacks from Caffe Nero and settled our lunch on the train.

Caffe Nero - Sandwiches

After 2-3 hours, we swept past the rural countryside of Kent, the abyss of the Chunnel and the farmlands of Normandy before pulling into Paris Gare du Nord. Eurostar again in the future? Probably not if I have the choice.

Eurostar 9016 - France

Eurostar 9016 - France

Eurostar 9016 - France

Eurostar 9016 - France

Telephone Bookings

To make a booking over the telephone call them on: 08432 186 186

If calling from outside the UK:+44 (0)1233 617 575

Opening hours8am to 7pm Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm Saturday
9am to 5pm Sunday & UK Bank Holidays


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