Paris : Eglise Saint-Sèverin

Paris - Eglise Saint-Sèverin
12th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Paris, France.
The Church of St. Severin, located around Cluny Sorbonne and near the Notre Dame is a beautiful Roman Catholic church featuring late Gothic architecture. The style employed in this church is known as flamboyant Gothic architecture.

Paris - Eglise Saint-Sèverin
The arches resembled trunks of trees in a forest and church’s sainted windows are a mix of the modern and old.

Paris - Eglise Saint-Sèverin
The church dates back to the 6th century, making it one of the oldest churches in Paris. However, much of the original structures were destroyed over the years. The oldest structure in the church is the bell tower and the first three spans of the nave that dates back to the 13th century while the remainder of the church was built in the 15th century.

Paris - Eglise Saint-Sèverin
You can get to the Eglise Saint-Severin from Cluny-Sorbonne Metro Station or via buses that stops along Boulevard St. Germain, Quai Saint-Michel and Boulevard Saint-Michel such as buses 96, 21, 87, 24, 86, 70 and 38 then make your way to the church via foot. Entrance is free.

Paris - Eglise Saint-Sèverin


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