Amsterdam : Indonesian Food at Sukabumi

Amsterdam - Raadhuisstraat

14th July 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
As it was raining and the winds are quite strong, we were discouraged to venture too far for dinner (without a raincoat or umbrella). In such weather, umbrellas are defenseless against the winds (they turned into ‘flowers’ almost instantly).

Amsterdam - Rain

Nagged by younger brother for some Asian food, we decided to have a go at the Indonesian Restaurant Sukabumi near our B&B. The restaurant seemed to be ran by Chinese (they were conversing in what sounded like Cantonese).

The meal started off with (sweet) achar and prawn crackers.

Sukabumi - Archa and Prawn Crackers

We were recommended by the manager to order their set meals which offered a bit of everything since it offered better value. Hence, I had the Nasi Padang Set which comes with sayur lodeh, beef rending, satay and other side dishes.

Sukabumi - Nasi Padang

The meats fared poorly in texture, they were too tough (which in my humble opinion, makes bad satays) and the vegetables could have been softer. Rice was decent, seemed like they used Asian rice instead of substituting it. In short, not impressive but not bad either.

Sukabumi - Mee Goreng

My younger brother seemed unimpressed by Mee Goreng Set. I didn’t get to try it though.

Sukabumi - Interior

Overall, I noticed that the variant of Nasi Padang served here is sweeter than what we usually have in Singapore, the spiciness factor has been toned down a bit. Water was being served in a carafe as requested (no charges for that). Service was efficient. The whole meal cost us 25 Euros including tips.

Indonesian Restaurant Sukabumi
Oude Leliestraat 5-h

Amsterdam, Netherlands 1016 BD


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