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Baan Kun Pra @ Ayutthaya

21st February 2011.Written by Xin Li.
Ayutthaya, Thailand

Baan Kun Pra is a guesthouse in Ayutthaya, housed in a traditional Thai house that is more than a hundred years old. The guesthouse and restaurant is recommended by the Lonely Planet Thailand Guidebook.

Baan Kun Pra - Food

The building itself was situated along the river provided excellent views of the Pa Sak river with a pretty wat dominating the scenery. Time seemed to slow down a bit as you watch boats and ferries making their way up and down the Pa Sak River.

Baan Kun Pra - Papapa Pad Thai

The restaurant offers the usual Thai classics as well as a few western dishes such as spaghetti. I had the Papapa Pad Thai with Shrimp (90 THB). The portion was modest and I felt that it was too cold and lacked the smoky fragrance I would expect from a well fried noodles. It was served with sugar and spices. However the sweetness from the sugar seemed to overpower everything else which does not help since the noodles itself was sweet without the sugar.

Baan Kun Pra - Green Curry Fried Rice

My studio mates had Green Curry Fried Rice with Shrimp (80 THB) and Fried Rice with Cashew Nut and Pineapple (90 THB). Both are rather ordinary.

Baan Kun Pra - Coconut Ice Cream with Cashew Nuts (and Mango)

For dessert, I had a Coconut Ice Cream with Mango and Cashew Nuts. They ran out of mango so there is only cashew nuts and ice cream. It was rich coconut milk and hence a little heavy on the palate. The cashew nuts gave it a nice crunchy touch. Overall I felt that the ice cream it tasted like vanilla ice cream with coconut syrup.

Baan Kun Pra @ Ayutthaya

In conclusion, Baan Kun Pra offers a pleasant ambience and atmosphere as a riverside dining venue but the food was quite disappointing and we believed it was adjusted for tourist taste buds.

Baan Kun Pra
48/2 Th U Thong,
Ayutthaya, Thailand
03524 1978

T + 663 524 1978
F + 663 524 1978
M + 6681 4422 742
Email :


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