Singapore Arts Festival Goes Bab-bap-bada-dap-pah

20th April 2011. Written by Xin Li.
Seems like we made a 180 degrees turn from “Oh Yeah Oh Yeah” last year with Roystan Tan’s “Bab-bap-bada-dap-pah” for this Singapore Arts Festival. The video, commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival and directed by Roystan Tan in 2010 lasts for 5:42 minutes.

I want to remember is about personal memory – the unforgettable moments in our lives, whether sweet, bitter or bizarre. Good or bad, these life moments inform and influence the way we act, giving us strength in adversity and solace in sadness. But most importantly, memories give us hope; the hope to look forward to each coming day, in quiet anticipation of the next unforgettable moment that will add to our life story.”

While you prepare to Celebrate the World Gourmet Summit (25th April to 8th May), do look out for the Singapore Arts Festival starting from 13th May to 5th of June after the World Gourmet Summit. The festival, first organized in 1977 was meant as a national showcase celebrating the local arts of Singapore’s diverse communities by the National Arts Council. It began to turn international in 2010 under Low Kee Hong. “I Want to Remember”, the title of the music video, is the theme for this year’s arts festival. It focuses on five main themes:
Dance Greats
Lost Languages and Memories
Personal Memories
And Sites.Sights.Sounds.


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