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17th February 2011. Written by Xin Li I have always wanted to give Shin Kushiya a try. So one day I finally went to the Shin Kushiya at Vivo to feast on their kushiyaki items together with a friend of mine.

Shin Kushiya - Pork Belly & Shitake Mushrooms

We had the Kushiyaki Moriawase (S, 22.80++ SGD) which consisted of 2 skewers of each of the following item: Shitake mushrooms, pork belly, yakitori, homemade meatballs, capelin fish and golden mushrooms wrapped with pork.

Shin Kushiya - Cha Soba

We also had some Cha Soba (9-10 SGD) and the Gyu Kushiyaki(around 3-4 SGD). What we enjoyed at Shin Kushiya is definitely the number of seasoning and dips that you can use together with the kushiyaki items, as it gives it a different kind of flavor with each seasoning. The Cha Soba and its dipping sauce was only ordinary at best.

Shin Kushiya - Gyu Kushiyaki

The Gyu Kushiyaki was okay, the meat is slightly chewy but the accompanying sauce was rather delectable with a peppery tinge.

Shin Kushiya - Pork Belly & Shitake Mushrooms

The signature items, the kushiyaki were decent if not delicious. Thumbs up for the shitake mushrooms. The pork belly skewer was quite good too with nicely charred meat, I love the saltish tinge from the seasoning and a rather tender texture.

Shin Kushiya - Yakitori & Homemade Meatballs

The homemade meatballs were very tender and yummy. The yakitori was only ordinary, I could get better ones elsewhere.

Shin Kushiya - Golden Mushrooms Wrapped with Pork & Capelin Fish

Overall, my friend and I enjoyed the kushiyaki cuisine served by Shin Kushiya. Service was decent and accommodating. Pricewise, I cannot deny that it is pricey especially for kushiyaki cuisine.

Shin Kushiya (Vivo City) #02-120, 1 HarbourFront Centre Walk S(098585), VivoCity Tel: 6275 8766 http://www.shinkushiya.com/


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