Osaka : LUXE Tajimaya

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋

14th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Osaka, Japan
One glance of Osaka at rtablelog reveals a city full of excellent dining choices (ratings higher than 4/5 ranging from Japanese to French cuisines). Upon arrival at Tenno-ji Station, YY and I headed straight for Osaka Station which is undergoing a massive construction to extend its floor space.

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋

For lunch, we settled near the station. Located in a small shopping mall, we stumbled upon LUXE Tajimaya (但馬屋) with its 1200 Yen Beef Lunch Set offer. Hoping to relive that wagyu ecstasy we had at Hikone, we decided to give Tajimaya a go.

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋

We found ourselves in a classy and exclusive environment as we stepped into Tajimaya. Covered with chic, black walls, decked with full-length mirrors and illuminated by dim lighting, the whole place has a rather mysterious atmosphere. The waiters were dressed in black and white suits and served our water as if it were from a bottle of wine. With such an environment, one would feel either pampered or intimidated.

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋 - Beef Soup

The set lunch consisted of a tantalizing fresh green salad with a tangy dressing and a hearty beef flavored soup.

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋 - Salad

However the star of the lunch meal goes to the cook-on-the-spot steak. The main course arrives on four wheels pushed by a chef who would politely ask for the level of doneness for the meat and proceed to grill the beef on a hot stone accompanied by sizzling and occasional burst of flames and fragrant aroma of cooked beef.

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋

It was served with small portion of potato-based side as well as sauce for the beef. The grill-on-the-spot beef however was more of a gimmick rather than real substance. I personally felt that the beef is not consistently cooked, some parts are still quite rare rather than medium rare and the meat wasn’t as tender as I hoped it would be.

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋 - Grilled Steak

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋 - Grilled Steak

The bad news for everyone is that the restaurant only has Japanese menus. There is also a Tajimaya in Vivocity, I am not sure if they are related.

LUXE Tajimaya 但馬屋

北区梅田1-12-6 イーマ 5F


(L.Oフード22:15 ドリンク22:30)


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