Revisiting the Golden Pavilion

Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺

10th December 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Kyoto, Japan
The last time I visited Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺 (400 Yen), it was during the summer period. With strong sunlight, the Kinkaku-ji looks stunning even in the evening sun. The mood changes with a revisit in the transition period from autumn to winter.

Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺

It looked more solemn and muted, glowing softly under the evening sun. The atmosphere was very different from the last visit yet intriguing for me. I am amazed how the change in light and season actually changes the mood of a place drastically.

Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺

Under the summer heat, a chilled matcha with sweet was most welcomed. This time round it was below 10 degrees Celsius. I had a bowl of warm Matcha with a Sweet (500 Yen) to go with it. Yummy in a different way, the matcha tasted heavier and stronger when it was warm.

Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺

This is not part of this post but I am wondering if Yahoo News is getting crappier day by day. It is becoming more and more gossip-like, putting up misleading titles and putting stuff up that I hardly thought of as news. This animation/video by Jib Jab in 2007 sums up roughly about my thoughts about the news nowadays.


  1. i think yahoo news is becoming more gossip-like too. i'm enjoying your japan posts, keep them coming :D

  2. Wah dude your pictures are amazing. You have brought up a very peaceful and alluring side of Japan that's making me want to go there so much!

  3. to stargirl:
    thanks! it was my source of news during my JC days because Yahoo is my homepage, it has got worse over the years.

    to *Harris:
    thank you Harris! Japan is a place of constrasts. I want to go back there again too!

  4. Ditto stargirl; I'm enjoying your Japan posts!

  5. P.s. no ownder why you seem to love Kyoto! Definitely a feast for the eyes.

  6. to Glenn: yeap Kyoto is a feast for the eyes indeed, each season seemed to offer something different.



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