Hikone to Kyoto

Eco Friendly Train at Hikone
10th December 2010. A Pictorial by Xin Li.
Hikone to Kyoto via JR Special Rapid Express.
After a short and pleasant trip to the lakeside town of Hikone, we made our way to Kyoto via a JR Special Rapid Train. The ride to Kyoto from Hikone will cost 1110 Yen and take about 40 plus minutes. Along the way we were treated to views of the agricultural scenes and natural landscapes including the Azuchi Mountains. There was a transition from a rural landscape to an increasing urbanized environment as the train gets nearer to Otsu.

彦根 Hikone - 京都 Kyoto
彦根 Hikone - 京都 Kyoto Train Ride
This European looking building is the Azuchi Museum.
彦根 Hikone - 京都 Kyoto Train Ride
彦根 Hikone - 京都 Kyoto Train Ride
A familiar sight after a long ride.
京都タワー Kyoto Tower


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