Teishoku and a Dessert

Kyoto - Ohara

20th July 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Kyoto, Kansai, Japan.
This is more of a pictorial than a post. It was my last proper meal in Japan before the flight home. I had it at this nice looking restaurant with awesome looking plastic models near Kyoto Station called Kyousuishin ran by the Mayuzumi Group which is involved in retailing and F&B businesses.

Kyoto - Kyousuishin 京すいしん

Despite its hefty price tag of 1300 yen, the set meal was a disappointment. The tempura lack that crispy yet juicy interior that I had at Ichisun and the sushi was below expectation, I thought the rice was rather poorly prepared, lumpy and falls apart easily.

Kyousuishin 京すいしん - Teishoku

Kyousuishin 京すいしん - Sushi

Kyousuishin 京すいしん - Tempura

Kyousuishin 京すいしん - Soba

Note to self: Don't be fooled by appearances! Those plastic models sure did a good job at deception.

Kyo-Azuki - Dessert

I had dessert at the basement of Kyoto Train Station. Quite an unusual dessert at Kyo-Azuki for about 600-700 Yen consisting of red beans, green tea ice cream, green tea syrup and glass noodles. It was way too sweet.


17:00~23:30 (L.O.23:30)


TEL 075-365-8888


東塩小路町 京都駅前地下街



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