Mata Thai

Mata Thai

3rd November 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Mata Thai took over the premises of another Asian café located near the CPF building recently. My mum and aunts decide to have a meal there after a laborious week at their canteen stall. Having witnessed the amount of work they do each day, it is really tough.

Mata Thai

At the restaurant we were being welcomed by a very friendly lady who tried to introduce us to the various dishes they offer. Scoops of rice were being placed onto our plates by a waiter instead of being served on plates.

Mata Thai - Dou Miao

For a start, we had a simple plate of dou miao (about 7-8 SGD). This one at Mata Thai however had a spicy kick with tiny chilies in it. Overall, the dish was very delicious, the sauce was just nice. The dou miao has an earthy flavor and it has enough crunch to keep me going for more. Oftenly, the dou miao tend to be overcooked, too soft and limpy. This one got enough flavour and texture.

Mata Thai - BBQ Chicken

The BBQ Chicken (6.00 SGD) was quite ordinary. I thought it was too bland. I prefer Central Thai’s one more.

Mata Thai - Green Chicken Curry

The Green Curry (8.00 SGD) has a very strong coconut milk flavour and compared to Bumbu’s and Jai Thai’s it is much more thicker in texture. However, I still enjoy the dish and the chicken was great. However, I think they can go easy with the coconut milk. This is a perfect dish to go with plain rice.

Mata Thai - Roasted Pork

My mum loves pork, so she decided to order the Roasted Pork recommended by the waitress to share. It was very big and comes with two kinds of dips. While the skin has that satisfying crackling texture, I felt that the meat was quite bland and dry. This dish also takes a while to prepare. This cost us around 18-20 plus SGD.

Mata Thai - Roasted Pork

Another piece of good news: no GST, no service charge!

Mata Thai

Blk 508 Bishan Street 11
#01-390 S570508

8428 9802


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