Sweet Honeymoon @ Somerset 313

香港滿記甜品@Somerset 313

13th November 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Quite awkward for two guys to go on a honeymoon eh?

Anyway it is actually the name of a Hong Kong based dessert place called Honeymoon Desserts at Somerset 313. After a glance through the menu, I am glad that I didn’t have to pay 8 bucks for a mango pudding in Orchard! It was priced 3.50 SGD, the usual kind of prices you get a food courts and dessert stalls. Thumbs up for providing affordable dessert to pricey Orchard!

The Honeymoon Dessert stall loves black. The whole décor has a very contemporary Asian feel. However, the classy environment was lost in the bustling crowd which is kind of expected when a dessert joint is able to serve desserts at such a competitive price in Somerset 313. With its attactive plastic models, interesting menu and classy outlook, it is bound to get attention.

香港滿記甜品 - Mango Pudding

The menu features many kinds of desserts, some of them are variations of a basic dessert, namely: Snow Mountain, Beancurd, Durian, Sago, Grass Jelly, Snacks, Traditional Double Boiled, Chinese Styles, Fresh Fruit, Black Glutinous Rice and Glutinous Rice Balls

香港滿記甜品 - Mango Pudding

I decided to go with one of their most popular items, a simple Mango Pudding for 3.50 SGD. In my humble opinion, I find the mango pudding so-so, I prefer a richer mango flavour. This rendition came across as bland. The texture wasn't as rich as I hope to be as well, it was slightly diluted like jelly.

香港滿記甜品 Honeymoon Dessert - 白雪黑珍珠 Snow White Sago

My studiomate's Snow White Sago 白雪黑珍珠 (5.50 SGD) is much more interesting, it is a combination of some kind of preserved longan fruit, attap seeds, basil seeds, bananas, mango slices and a vanilla flavoured base. The dessert tasted lighter than it looked but in a pleasant way. I thought the light flavour of the base and sago goes well with the stronger flavoured ingredients such as the attap seeds and sweet mango. The mixture hence, has a pleasant, subtle vanilla fragrance that makes it a pleasant dessert.

Honeymoon Dessert

(65) 6509 0027

313 Orchard Road Unit
#04-20 and #04-32
313@Somerset, Singapore (238895)


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