Affordable Homely Thai Food @ Gold Food Thai Chinese Cuisine

Gold Food Chinese Thai Cuisine

13th November 2010. Written by Xin Li.
Spending a weekend at Sunshine Plaza normally means work: printing. I didn’t know printing took that long and binding makes it a half day thing. If there is one thing you should know about architecture course or art in general it is the hidden costs that your school fees doesn’t cover.

One such cost comes from printing, for lucky ones like my studiomate and I, we managed to get two books printed within 80 bucks. Compare this to my less fortunate studio mates who had to fork out 3 digits in order to get the job done. Be it 60 or 180, both are not cheap at all. Then you have the costs for materials, sketchbooks, paper, glue and transport etc. The worst thing is that the authorities seemed to assume money come from the sky

Gold Food Chinese Thai Cuisine

Ranting aside, there are at least 3 Thai restaurants at Sunshine Plaza, located next to each other. One tried to be different by serving both Japanese and Thai. While the lady at Zenso was very friendly, we were sorry that we decided to go with Goldfood because we are tight on budget after the printing bills.

Goldfood is unmistakably Thai when you see the portrait of His Majesty, King Bhumibol on its walls along with many other Thai and Theravada Buddhist decorations. Even the staff seemed to be Thais.

Gold Food Chinese Thai Cuisine

Back to Goldfood, the food has a kind of home-cooked feel to it. It was unpretentious and simple. No bling bling or gimmicks just simple, Thai dishes by a group of Thais trying to cook up dishes from their motherland.

Gold Food Chinese Thai Cuisine - Green Curry

The Green Curry (4.00 SGD) was quite delicious, not too heavy on the coconut milk and quite fluid. The chicken was tender and it curry was fragrant. It pairs well with the rice too.

Gold Food Chinese Thai Cuisine - Pad Thai

My Pad Thai (4.00 SGD) , second time trying it was above average. I like how the noodles were not lumpy and there are generous amounts of ingredients like egg, bean sprouts, tofu etc in it.

Overall I felt that the food here is worth trying out and the prices are wallet-friendly too!


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