Dim Sum Breakast @ Luk Yu Tea House

陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House

29th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Luk Yu Tea House is one of the two places recommended to have dim sum by Frommers. It has a rather long history of 70 plus years. Like its age, most of the staff there were quite old too, like they have been working at the tea house for a long time. The restaurant was quite empty when we arrived and most of the customers were regular customers.

For the non-Cantonese speaking people like us, ordering was problematic. The dim sum was served by a group of aunties who carries trays of dim sums and go around shouting the name of the dim sum they were serving (in Cantonese) like peddlers. So for both my mum and I, we were clueless what was being offered until we get to see the dim sum itself.

陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House - Prawn Siew Mai 脯魚蝦燒賣

Sign language is still a usable language here and we got ourselves some dim sum. The first one was the Prawn Siew Mai (脯魚蝦燒賣) which has a rather thick skin. The prawn is very crunchy and there is a sizable portion of filling. It was just a good siew mai.

陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House - 叉燒包

陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House - 叉燒包

We also had the Char Siew Pau (叉燒包), my favourite. The char siew pau has a lot of gravy in it and there were bits of fat meat in it. It was decent but I prefer Jade Restaurant’s at Fullerton more of the Johor Bahru Pau at Changi Village more. The pastry is slightly sticky.

陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House - Chung Fen

My mum and I also had the Chung Fen, the skin as you can see is quite thick. What I like about it is the addition of orange peel to the minced pork in it. Quite nice, pity the skin was too thick for our taste.

Last but not least we had a fried, bread dim sum which we have no idea what is it called, it is like a potato croquette. Nothing special.

陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House

All in all, Luk Yu has a nice and quaint interior and the service was alright. Food wise, I found it ordinary at least for the few items we tried. The total bill for 4 items including a pot of tea was about 198 HKD for two.

Luk Yu Tea House

G/F, 24 Stanley Street, Central


  1. Wow, thats quite expensive for dim sum. I had never stepped into Luk Yu before, because we all heard about the bad service if you are not one of their reguly tycoon customers! haha

  2. to Daniel : yea it is pricey =/ service was just alright but the food wasn't fantastic. I heard Lin Heung further down would be a better choice.

  3. Lin Heung to me indeed is a much better choice. More rustic and hearty fare. Much cheaper too.



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