Chalk @ Mount Sophia

this post was sitting in my gmail for too long. guilt-stricken me decided to post it.

wanted to have a lazy lunch somewhere nice, and got xin li to recommend.

As usual, you'll have to climb the "stairway to heaven" in order to reach the secluded restaurants on Mount Sophia. It kinda help build up an appetite.

The exterior and furnishings of Chalk hits me as a posh, chic yet rustic place (mmm mmm...), and we were seated by a cheery service staff.

The shocker was when i saw the price range when we were handed the menu (apparently, Xin Li and I miscommunicated). Only about a handful mains are priced below $20. However, I'm heartened to know that they DO NOT charge GST and service charge (they wrote a cheeky reason why they don't, but I can't quite remember what it was).

Ice water was served promptly (probably cos there wasn't much customers when we were there), and it's served in a large glass bottle, which I was told to be common in chi-chi places. And by the way, at that point of time, I'm much impressed by the service staff already.

We placed our orders and the next thing that happened had Chalk win a place in my heart (and tummy, for that matter). We were actually served bread during the wait! (sorry if i sound suah ku.) The toasts (which I believe is home-made) came with butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Upon gobbling up the toasts (sorry, was too hungry after travelling all the way there), they actually asked if we wanted more! Thumbs, fingers and toes up for 5-star service.

Food came, and my friend had duck confit. (I can't comment much as i don't have the habit of digging into people's food unless we agree that it's a tasting session. This was a casual lunch.) It was visually appetising, and that orange puree is actually mashed sweet potato.

I had a spaghetti carbonara, and I'd have to say it's not the best I've tasted, although it was rather fragrant and springy. The garlic tasted a little raw,and the fats of the bacon kinda not sautéed well.

To illustrate my preference, I've to mention the carbonara I had in bakerzin @ northpoint. The penne was neither too hard nor too soft, the cream was bursting with flavours. The garlic was nicely caramelised, which added to the crunch. The bacon was sautéed well, which lends fragrance to the cream sauce. I couldn't resist taking more bread to dip into the remaining sauce.

UPDATE: went for the same pasta again at bakerzin, but apparently the cooking style changed =(

Dessert was rather decently priced (remember, no GST and SC). My friend had a panna cotta, and I ordered a chocolate fondant with ice-cream.

The chocolate sauce hidden inside was rich, and the ice-cream (suspected to be home-made as well) went well with the fondant. It was surprisingly filling, and soon after, I experienced chocolate euphoria~

In conclusion, excellent service, slightly above average food, great ambience, nice place to chill in.



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