Com Pho'

Got back from Vietnam a couple of weeks ago, but naturally was lazy to post much about it.
And with lovely rainy weather like this, it just makes one want to crawl under the covers and sleep the whole day away.

But NO! I wouldn't be doing Vietnam justice if i didn't promote it to the world.

"Why the big fuss over Vietnam? It's just some third world country right?"
If that's what you're thinking, you couldn't be any more WRONG

You see, for backpacking purposes, Ill make things simple and try to summarize Vietnam into a few Lessons.

Lesson 1 :
Despite its initial outlook, the cities with its colourful locals are really friendly, willing to help should one be first able to cross the communication barrier.
BUT please do not be an idiot and flaunt all your riches, cause then you're asking for a mugging.
Exercise all caution, pretend to be a poor backpacker and all will go just fine and dandy

Lesson 2 :
Moses ain't the only guy who could part the Red Sea, you can too, simply by visiting Vietnam.
Here you'll be glad to discover that the only ones who abide by traffic rules are those traffic rules are those who feel like it.
The only way to cross roads is then to re-enact the parting of the Red Sea.
I.e Close your eyes, walk and pray you don't get hit.

Lesson 3 :
Honking the horn is part and parcel of life to the Locals.
They honk when they want you to get out of their way,
They honk when they want to get out of YOUR way,
They honk when find you have a nicer mode of transportation than theirs,
They honk when there's they're the only vehicle on the road even

In fact, they honk at about 20'000 different things.
Sometimes, I think they just like the sound of the Car Horn.

Lesson 4 :
Coffee is KING. and more importantly, coffee is CHEAP. (5'000VND ~USD$0.266)
In fact, everything is cheap.
Should one look hard enough, one can get stuffed for simply 72'000VND. (~USD$3.50)
Of course, hygiene isn't of the most importance here, nor is dining etiquette NOR ambiance.
Yet, sitting on those little plastic stools by the roadside and slurping delicious noodles has its own appeal.

Lesson 5 :
Vietnam despite being a largely Buddhist Community, is very much different from Singapore's devotees.
The only things the Buddhists don't eat there, are snakes and dogs.
Anything else that moves, they devour with relish

Lesson 6 :
Pho (pronounced Fur ), a simple dish of rice noodles in steamy soup coupled with chunks of beef.
The trademark of Vietnamese food, and in my own opinion, the one food sent by God to mankind to make us happy.
At 25'000VND (~USD$1.25) or less a bowl, it's easy to see why.

Done for now, can't think no more.
Uploading pictures on Facebook.


  1. pho rocks with all the yummy veggies!




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