Afternoon Tea @ Sheraton Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

Hi-Tea at Lobby Bar
12th June 2010. Written by Xin Li.

Ever since I got to know of a 1-for-1 afternoon tea set promotion by UOB that is going on at Sheraton, I wanted to drop by for high tea and wonder what a three-tier afternoon tea experience would be like.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

After a few postponed dates and failed attempts to meet up, I finally had the chance to meet up with Mu Yao and Liang Wei for an afternoon tea at the Lobby Bar. It seemed like a lot of people have been coming for the afternoon tea set because the waiter asked if we are here for the UOB promotion once we got seated.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

This afternoon tea must be good this time round because Liang Wei felt that the previous one at the Dunearn was a horrible experience (thanks to the coffee). Presentation wise we are not disappointed when the three tiered afternoon tea set with scones, pastries, sandwiches and cakes was placed on our tiny round table. It was a nice visual start.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

We had the Scones (with Devonshire Clotted Cream and Jam) first, personally, I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t warm (probably after all the photo-taking) and most importantly, I find it too soft and lacking in flavour, I prefer Dunearn’s one with a crusty outer layer and a soft, fluffy interior. (But what are the real scones like?)

Next we have the sweets, the Dark Chocolate Tart received thumbs up from both Liang Wei and Mu Yao, it was delicious indeed. It is a delight for dark chocolate lovers like Liang Wei with rich, dark chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

The Blueberry Cheesecake was surprisingly good, I wasn’t expecting much at first but the texture was quite smooth and the cheese flavour is just right. The cake has a decent balance.

I didn’t try the Raspberry Tart, but Liang Wei felt it was really good.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

There is this chocolate sponge topped with white chocolate pastry, which I find rather ordinary.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

Now on to the last tier, the savoury stuff. The Prawn Sandwich topped with Roe was quite good, fresh crunchy prawn on top of slice flavourful toasted bread.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

Then you have Camenbert Cheese with Dried Fruits.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

Mini Caprese style sandwich.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

Some Croissants.

And my favourite, the Smoked Salmon ‘Swiss Roll’, not too salty and extremely tasty, I could pop a few more of it if there were more.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

For tea, we had a pot of Chamomile Tea served with Australian Honey. The tea is probably Lipton tea, the tag was still there when it was served.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

Liang Wei has a small jar of coffee for himself (which we shared later on)

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

But at the end of the day, I enjoyed this afternoon tea. The garden outside was pleasant to look at and the company was great. We spent a long time having a good chat about army (we are Singaporean males), more army, Kyoto, airlines, countries, American and British comedies and Blackadder.

The total bill came up to 32.95 SGD with 10% Service Charge and 7% GST. The afternoon tea set for two cost 28.00 SGD.

Lobby Bar - Afternoon High Tea Set

Lobby Bar

39 Scotts Road
GF Sheraton Towers

Tel: +65 6839 5625

Opening hours
9am – 1am


  1. Wow this was what i've missed :( Sniff...glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. wow how tall is that three-tier tea stand?

    i like British scones which are buttery and crusty on the outside, with a tender and flaky interior. i've had scones at The Dining Room at Sheraton before and found mine to be oddly somewhat cupcake-like.
    i'm not sure whether the scones i had were the same as the ones you had, but i suspect that they were meant to be American scones which are supposedly rich, dense and cakelike.

  3. to Hungrytrotters:
    heh we could have another gathering when you are back (:

    to Stargirl:
    hmmm I prefer scones which are buttery and crusty on the outside. The ones I had reminds me more of a bun.

    The three-tier tea stand isn't very tall, around 35-45 cm i guess

  4. your photos are nicer than mine!

    haha, so sorry i didn't do this review. was too tired after packing everything to go to....armour infantry. FML man, 22 weeks. ugh, i'd rather go to ASLC.

  5. to muyao: hey thanks!

    its okay. I am in the army before haha, I understand ;)

    o.O armour infantry? my colleague just described it as soldiers following and covering the tank, rather tiring. =o

  6. you know... i'll taste the british scones in the uk and let you know :D


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