Yummeh Dessert @ Sapore Italiano


(I'm so sorry this photo just doesn't do the dessert actual justice.)

Visited on 8 May 2010. Written By Mu Yao.

Whining about how little decent late night hangouts Singapore had compared to other cosmopolitan cities in the world got us here. We were craving for dessert, and thus we walked from Bugis to City Hall to find a nice, air-conditioned place that could accommodate us and a decent conversation before we went home. We ended up at Sapore Italiano (the boss is italian!), a little place tucked on the outside of Raffles City Shopping Centre, just outside the taxi stand. We were told it was open till 12 midnight, so yay, it met our criteria. I was feeling like eating gelato anyway.

The desserts are mostly gelato-based sundaes, with many exotic creations on the menu. I was tempted to try a concoction with Grand Mariner and much chocolate, but we eventually ended up with something with an unpronounceable and unspellable name [was it Niccoto? or something like that] ($16), but basically it was a hazelnut based chocolate gelato flavoured with delicious rum (mmm, I like!). We decided that screwing our calories over with rich and sinful chocolate to end off the night was the way to go. After all, a week in camp of training awaits. Heh.

Well on to the dessert. The chocolate didn't taste too chocolately, but it was good, thick, solid gelato alright. The texture was just about right - not too stiffened cold, but not too "melted ice cream" like too. The sweetness came just after the gelato melted in your mouth, and I found the whipped cream surprisingly light, with little chunks of hazelnut sprinkled over. The rum was at the bottom, and although heavy at times, we ended up finishing the dessert with a light-headed satisfaction - made us quite sleepy too. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the fact that I had only 6 hours of sleep the previous night - I don't know. The rum itself was pretty decent, nicely sweet. I guess the overall feeling was that it tasted like a ice-cream version of Bailey's.

Interesting place, certainly don't mind coming back here again!

Address: #01-15 Raffles City Shopping Centre.
Contact No.: 6333 4236
Operating Hours:
Weekdays (8AM - 12AM); Weekends (10AM-12AM)


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