Old Mcdonal had a farm, and a burger

2weeks, ago, Alex showed me an American Girl's Blogpost.

Where she experimented on 2 burgers, Homemade VS FastFood.
11days later, Homemade was ALIVE.
Fastfood on the other hand, remained EXACTLY the SAME.

Let's put this into perspective here, in case you don't get it.
Normal Meat, fresh from the supermarket, left in the open at RTP, would go bad in bout 2days.
Here, we have cooked meat, with sauces and stuff.
Even if the meat didnt go bad in 2days, the bread would at least have some changes.

Well, naturally being me, I didn't believe a thing that girl was writing.
Cause, well, people tend to blow up matters online no?
"WOW, I lost 10kg after eating this pill! TRY it out and see for yourself!"
That kind of thing.

So I went to try it out for myself.
19/04/10, 1255Hrs
Burger was purchased.

Day 2: 20/04/10

Now at first I considered taking day by day pictures to illustrate the progress of the burger's decomposition.
But realised after while that All I was getting was the same picture.
And really, It's kinda dumb to put up 11days or more of the same bloody burger looking, well, the same.

Reading the post from the link, You'd notice that she tried contacting Macs to get an explanation.
Scoured the net a little to see if Macs did in fact reply.
And this was what i found.

Likening it from my poor understanding of stuff, to the reason why there wasn't any on-going action in our lovely burger, being due to the "Lack of Microbes in their food". (I.e High Standards of Cleanliness).

So here's my question, even if the food is well...pasteurized or REALLY REALLY lacking ANY form of Microbes.
Wouldn't there at least be sufficient bacteria in the air around us to destroy the burger in 11days?!

Well, for those of you who know me personally and doubt me, I don't blame you.
In fact, I'd be more than happy to invite you to try a bite from this magical burger of mine.

Cause, frankly, I'd like to see if anything happens to those who consume it.
Whether they would mutate and grow mutant powers, or better yet,
have nothing at all happen, where it tastes exactly like one fresh from the counter.

But should you volunteer yourself to aid me in my little science experiment,
Please, do sign this form I've prepared.

In case, Just in case, you end up dead.

Or maybe I should just "Treat" an unsuspecting friend, to a burger.


  1. Hi! It is hard to believe isn't it - check out my hypothesis about what happened here:

  2. Hi Snack-Girl,

    Yep it sure is, haha somewhat equivalent to MacDonalds burger that doesn't rot, Singapore got a Ya Kun Ice Cream with Toast in which the Ice Cream doesn't melt after an hour!

    It is indeed hard to believe, MacDonalds is something a snack or even delicacy for me once in a while especially when I was in the army, there was nothing except field rations for days.

  3. Oh my! this is scary! We should really be cautious of how and what we eat.

  4. i know which friend you are talking about, xin li!! ><

  5. haha JY posted it but i think we are all thinking of the same person eh?

  6. Interesting post! Do you guys still eat at MacDonald now? :P

  7. to Miso : heh I haven't even before this was posted. Wei Liang still do though. I wonder Jia Yao still eat.



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